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erchant. As a▓ jade collector, Li knows that pigs ▓symbolize fortune, and hence w▓hy so many Han Dy▓nasty (206 BC - AD 220) royal families were buried with jade pi▓gs in their coffins. "Laifu co▓mes not by accident," Li said, explaining that a fold o▓f skin on his head▓ resembling yuan bao, or ancient money, appeared four ▓months afte▓r his arrival▓, to the delight of▓ Li, who saw it as▓ a good sign. The ▓Chinese government is taking measures to protect the

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▓interests of ▓pig farmers aft▓er the pork to corn price ratio dropped below the break even▓ mark. Statistics post


ed b▓y the National Development▓ and Reform Commis▓sion show the ratio is now ▓at 5.8 to 1, just

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under the break ev▓en point of 6 to 1. The Ministry of▓ Commerce, Mini▓stry of Finan▓ce and Nat


ional Development and Reform Commission have together launched measure▓s to purchase and st▓ockp

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ile pork.Zhou Wangjun, Official of NDRC said ▓"By bidding invitation, we will choose 140 firm

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s to purchase and 30 storehous▓es to stockpile pork."China's pork prices hav▓e continued to drop▓

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since the beginning of the year. The government had earlier issued a not▓ice, setting the b▓rea

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k-even point for pig farming ▓at 6:1. That mean▓s pig farmers will incur loss▓es if the per kilo price of pork drop

farms where the vir

s below th▓e price of six▓ kilograms of corn. In May, pork prices remained at a low level. The ratio of pork to corn prices continued to drop below▓ 6:1 for four consecutive weeks.Zhou Wangjun, Of▓ficial of

NDRC said "One kilo price of▓ pork is equal to▓ 6 to 5.5 kilogram of corn. We have launched a level three response system which is aimed at mai▓ntaining pork prices at a reasonable level and pr▓otecting pig farmers' interests."The National ▓Develop

ment and Ref▓orm Commission is closely mon▓itoring pork prices. If the pork price drops further, a c▓hange to level two would req▓uire meat processin▓g mills to

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o avoid large pric▓e drops.The top econ▓omic planner is warning pig fa▓rmers to cut back on any pla▓ns for expansion,



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after the price ▓of pork plummeted on excess supply and concerns about the A/H1N1 flu. The National▓ Development

  • $45 per month
  • and Reform Commission is ▓predicting a glut of pork supplies that could last unt▓il May next y▓ear. And it says farmers need to sto▓p raising mor

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  • $125 per month
  • l is largely d▓ue to oversupply and the fact t▓hat most pe▓ople avoid eating the meat when the ▓weather turns warm. ▓There's also been fallout from

  • rm that se▓
  • $185 per month
  • the A-H1N1▓ flu, although consumer fears have eased for now. But the NDR▓C is taking no chances. It's launched a plan to buy u▓p large quantities

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from the Nati▓onal Development a▓nd Reform Commission (NDRC), said the program would like▓ly start i▓n a month but

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